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November / December 2011


Progress on Millenneum Village project findings are available via our resource center. Read more...

AIAD African Healthcare Vision

The foundation is guided by the belief that all lives, no matter where they are lived, have equal value. The mission of our Health Initiative Program is to encourage the development of lifesaving medical advances and to help ensure they reach the people who are disproportionately affected. We focus our funding in two main areas:
Access to existing vaccines, drugs, and other tools to fight diseases common in developing countries; Research to develop health solutions that are effective, affordable, and practical.

Millions of people—most of them children—die each year in developing countries from diseases that are preventable and treatable. Moreover, tragically little research is done to prevent or cure some of the world’s biggest killers, such as malaria and tuberculosis.


The foundation is inviting expressions of interest (EOI) from individuals, firms, or consortia for the establishment of a Business Planning Resource Capability that would provide consulting support to the foundation and its Southern Africa Health product grantees to strengthen their business practices and strategically plan for health technology uptake.

AIAD News November / December 2011

The African Development Course, in conjunction with the AIAD Leadership Academy is now available .....Read more ..

Several executive conferences in South Africa show great potential for solidifying University degree sponsorship for thousands of students in the region. 

New findings on Kenyan and Ethiopian millenneum village projects available.

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