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Current Events
AIAD has set up comprehensive five, ten and twenty year studies on the local, regional and national effects of the UN's African Millenneum Projects in 25 African countries. The new preliminary findings in some of the experimental projects established by the controversial Millenneum Villages are available. Annual publications of the findings will be available every March.

Current Events

1.  Research into the millenneum villages: Their social, economic and environmental effects on the village residents, the neighboring communities and the Government's parallel projects: Ongoing research on Millenneum Village projects is now available.

    a.  Organizations and/or individuals interested in aquiring a copy of the research reports for Sauri and Dertu Millenneum Villages in Kenya, and Mbola Millenneum Village in Tanzania, should fill out and submit the form below. 

    b.  To request information for Mayange Millenneum Village in Rwanda and Mwandama Millenneum Village in Malawi, please submit a request illustrating the purpose for the report to

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Upcoming Events

Western Cape Scholarship & Leadership conference

Dozens of young bright scholars will be interviewed for a chance to win a university sponsorship in South Africa
AIAD Transparency agency monitors progress on Millenneum Villages project
The research involves the continous study of the progress made and document the findings annually and a final report in 2015.
The first annual reports on the five villages below are available:
  • Sauri Millenneum village in Kenya 2007-2025
  • Mayange Millenneum village in Rwanda 2007-2015
  • Mwandama Millenneum village in Malawi 2007-2015
  • Mbola Millenneum village in Tanzania 2007-2015
  • Dertu millenneum village in Kenya 2007-2025
Subsequent reports that are now available include:
Research on Potou Millenneum Village in Niayes Zone, Senegal.
Research on Tiby Millenneum village in Mali.
Research on Koraro Millenneum Village in Ethiopia.
Research on Pampaida Millenneum Village in Nigeria.
Research on Bonsaaso Millenneum Village in Ghana.


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